Licensing and Pricing

License Options

Images are available under 2 general license types.

A Personal License is for non-profit usage, like a personal blog, a college project, a thesis or a closed community newsletter.  The acid test is that the media carrying the image is not a commercial concern, or that the publication is not sold, like a book or magazine.   The images should always be accompanied with an image credit: “©”

A Commercial License is needed when the image usage has ‘for-profit’ associations;  like product packaging, all forms of advertising, or any media that sells advertising, has a subscription cost or cover-price.  Repeat publications and publication in different media require a new license for each usage.  Often, for artistic or branding  reasons, images are changed, edited, retouched or processed in some way.  Such altered images retain license obligations to African Wildlife Photos, but may attract additional license obligations to the person or organization effecting the changes.

Please contact us if you are unsure of your license obligations, or if you require a bulk usage and pricing  contract.

Pricing Options

Original size (normally at least 2668 x 1724)
Commercial : $30   Personal : $15
Typically used for print production up to A4/Letter, or any application requiring the highest quality available.

Large (2000 pixels along longest edge – normally 2000 x 1312)
Commercial : $20   Personal : $10
Typically used for print production up to 7 x 5 inches at 300 dpi

Medium (640 pixels along longest edge – normally 640 x  400)
Commercial : $10    Personal : $5
Typically used for featured images on websites, multimedia and presentations; or magazine column-width print applications.

Small (320 pixels along longest edge – normally 320 x  200)
Commercial : $5   Personal: $2.50
Typically used for in-line, in-page or in-sidebar web content.

How to Purchase

Browse the collections, search or lookup a keyword in the keyword index.  As you find images in which you are interested click ‘Buy’, choose a size and license type, and click ‘Add to Cart’.  Once you have chosen all your images click the ‘CHECKOUT’ menu button.  You may now remove or images or ‘Continue Shopping’ to add more.  If you find that you have chosen the wrong size or license, simply add the item again and remove the incorrect item.  You may then click ‘Complete Purchase’ and be directed to PayPal for payment from your PayPal account or your Credit Card.

If you require more information or alternate bulk licensing and pricing options please contact us using the contact form on this website.